HOW IT'S MADE - Sri Lanka

Hand finished and decorated

The highly-skilled workers are responsible for hand-finishing each of the designs, from cleaning up the raw clay as it comes out of the mould, to the next stage of hand-painting or sponging the under-glaze colours, carefully transporting and loading these into the tightly-packed kilns, and then on to the hand-decorating with the screen printed decals that add that final bit of character to each design.

Hannah’s initial models are taken though the design studio and prepared for having a mould made from them, this is her favourite place to work as it is light and airy, and some great creations have started here!

It’s fascinating to see all of the processes involved in production, from raw clay to packed goods ready to send on their way, either to the UK, USA, Japan or other countries that now sell Hannah’s work.



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